MSN Sniffer 2 MSN Sniffer - simple MSN chat monitor for your network

“Help us identify the company's confidential leaking before getting worse”
-Don Sweeney, President, SecuOne

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MSN Sniffer - simple MSN chat monitor for your network

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What is MSN Sniffer?

MSN Sniffer is world's first sniffer to automate MSN chat capturing and impact analysis. After installed on one computer, it captures MSN chat across all computers in the same LAN, analyze and save into database for future analysis.

New features

Configure your switch

Make sure your network is connected with hub or switch with port mirroring. Find how to capture others.

How can it help us?

MSN Messenger is a major instant communication tool used world wide. Company should save these chats for CRM and future analysis.

Shortcut to local MSN accounts

Organized by MSN accounts

The Local MSN Accounts lists all the local MSN users and their conversations. You can view messages in it by click on each conversation. If a user is blocked or ignored by MSN Sniffer, his icon will show a block mark or gray. System will always update the messages for the selected conversation. View full screenshot of MSN Sniffer.



The statistics will tell how many MSN packets are processed, how many local users are detected, the captured conversations and messages. View full screenshot of MSN Sniffer.

Show MSN chat

Show MSN chat

MSN Sniffer makes it easy to view captured messages of each conversation in real time. New messages will be captured and shown automatically when appear in network. View full screenshot of MSN Sniffer.

Configure MSN Sniffer

Configure MSN Sniffer

The Configuration window lets you select to how and when to start MSN Sniffer, whether show names instead of emails, change network adapter, change DB file, add IP or email into ignored list or blocked list, and load default settings. View full screenshot of MSN Sniffer configuration.

Block MSN Messenger use

Block MSN Messenger use

The company doesn't allow people use MSN messenger when working. But you as an administrator find that they always use stealthily. Now MSN Sniffer can help you block MSN messenger use in your network. The blocked accounts have no way to sign in or chat in their MSN Messenger. View full screenshot of Blocking feature.

MSN chat report

MSN chat report

The report window lets you see all your captured local MSN accounts, and export conversations of MSN accounts you selected for the duration you specified. A MSN chat history file will be generated.

Search in captured messages

Search in captured messages

Specify search conditions, do the search, and save the search result. View full screenshot of searching in MSN Sniffer.

MSN chat history

MSN chat history

The exported history is HTML file. You can click the report button in the main window, and export conversations captured in the popup MSN chat report window.


MSN Sniffer Q&A (see the help section for more)

How to capture MSN chat from not only local computer?

You have to connect your network by a hub or a switch with port mirroring feature to capture MSN chat from others. Find how to capture others and how to configure switch.

Does your company read our chats? What about privacy?

No. All captured MSN chats are saved in database file on your computer. MSN Sniffer won't send anything to us. Please refer to our privacy policy for additional details.

What the differences among MSN Sniffer Lite, MSN Sniffer, and EtherBoss MSN Monitor?

MSN Sniffer Lite shows conversation list only, and there is no auto-save feature. MSN Sniffer organizes the MSN chats by local MSN users, save captured data into database automatically, and provides blocking feature. EtherBoss MSN Monitor provides features like MSN Sniffer Lite, plus auto-save feature. Read MSN Sniffer comparison.

Who's behind this MS Sniffer thing?

We're EffeTech - leading network monitoring solution provider. We're the people who also bring you EtherDetect Packet Sniffer (Connection-oriented packet sniffer), and HTTP Sniffer (capture and reassembly HTTP packets).

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